How the work is undertaken:


In Administration Tasks:

Servicing and submitting various Tenders to secure work needed.

Planning work required so that maximum efficiency is achieved at the various sites where the work is taking place. These sites are remote and far therefore good communication and good management model is required to achieve targets required in the fieldwork.

In Field and Engineering work:

Water Drilling Contractors undertakes the following tasks:

Locating the geographical area where the work is required.

The drilling of the boreholes with the assistance of up to date efficient machinery fit for purpose.

Geophysical studies and site surveys with the latest electrical devices.

Engineering and civil works inclusive of Apron, drain and washing slabs.

Installation of Hand or submersible pumps.

Rehabilitation and general maintenance of Boreholes.

Other work undertaken:

There is a constant flow of work in the workshop to ensure machinery and vehicles are in good working order and delays are avoided. This work is undertaken via supervision of expert mechanical supervisor and workshop staff.


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