Our geo-hydrological survey equipment


Apart from other geo-hydrological survey equipment we boast of having in possession state of the art equipment for water surveys called GEO-HYDROLOGICAL SURVEY EQUIPMENT-ABEM WADI



The hydrogeological survey was conducted by use of VLF ABEM WADIhydrogeological survey equipment. ABEM WADI operates on VLF principles. It utilizes the magnetic components of the horizontal electromagnetic field generated by a selected distant military radio transmitter that uses the VLF frequency band within range of 15-30KHZ on one hand, and the vertical electromagnetic field emitted by the conductive waves from the ground, possible induced by highly mineralized groundwater on the other hand.

Electromagnetic waves from the transmitter and waves from the ground counteract each other in form of a ratio and when I explore around a graph is being plotted against values generated. The higher the graph the more powerful the conductivity from the ground, possibly induced by ground water trapped in the fractured zones. The lower the graph the more conductive waves from the transmitter against those from the ground.

Colour coding on the attachment determines levels or percentages of conductivity and soil characteristics down the intended depth over the profile against 30% maximum content of water body in every unit land mass.


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